A reminder: Ted Cruz wants to cut Social Security, as does the Republican House and others in the Republican Senate

Lately, Ted Cruz has been choosing to speak mostly about his opponent Beto O’Rourke in his race for the US Senate from Texas. But, it would be good for the people of Texas to keep in mind, as they decide whom to vote for this November, that Ted Cruz has a long history of wishing for Social Security payments to be reduced for future recipients:

Factcheck.org: Cruz on Social Security as a ‘Ponzi Scheme’

Cruz, Sept. 9, 2011: There is a level at which words have meaning. What does the word Ponzi scheme mean? A Ponzi scheme is a system — if you and I cooked up a Ponzi scheme, we would have current people pay into it. We would take the money and we would pay it out to other recipients. That’s the definition of a Ponzi scheme. In the English language, that is exactly how Social Security operates.

Smith: So, I’m going to take that as a “yes.” That you believe that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

Cruz: I think there is an effort to treat that as rhetoric, but there’s no doubt that’s what it is.

The Motley Fool: This Presidential Candidate Wants to Cut Social Security Benefits

Ted Cruz recommends increasing eligibility ages and lowering monthly payments in order to protect Social Security.

Money Morning: Here’s How Ted Cruz Wants to Fix Social Security

Sen. Cruz’s proposal would therefore reduce a retiree’s full lifetime Social Security benefits.

Ted Cruz is not alone in his quest to cut Social Security payments for future recipients. In fact, he is basically within the mainstream of the Republican party these days.

Take the Republican House for example:

Denver Post: House GOP plan would cut Medicare, Social Security to balance budget

House Republicans released a budget proposal Tuesday that would balance in nine years – but only by making large cuts to entitlement programs, including Medicare and Social Security, that President Donald Trump has vowed not to touch.

Social Security comes in for more modest cuts of $4 billion over the decade, which the budget projects could be reached by eliminating concurrent receipt of unemployment benefits and Social Security disability insurance.

Some of Cruz’s GOP colleagues in the Senate, like Marco Rubio, have also made clear that it is their intention to try to cut Social Security payments:

Newsweek: Republicans Will Cut Social Security and Medicare After Tax Plan Passes, Says Marco Rubio

To address the federal deficit, which will grow by at least $1 trillion if the tax plan passes, Congress will need to cut entitlement programs such as Social Security, Rubio told reporters this week. Advocates for the elderly and the poor have warned that entitlement programs would be on the chopping block, but this is the first time a prominent Republican has backed their claims.

“You have got to generate economic growth because growth generates revenue,” Rubio said at a Politico conference. “But you also have to bring spending under control. And not discretionary spending. That isn’t the driver of our debt. The driver of our debt is the structure of Social Security and Medicare for future beneficiaries.”

Now, Donald Trump has claimed many times that he will not cut Social Security. But, Donald Trump has claimed many things, like how he would take a tough stance against rising prescription drug prices, which he absolutely hasn’t done. If Republicans like Ted Cruz and others are re-elected this November, it is almost assured that they will try to pass cuts to Social Security. If Republicans send Social Security cuts to Donald Trump’s desk, is anyone going to have confidence that Donald Trump will be true to his word?

Besides, there is a strong possibility that Donald Trump is forced to resign due to the Russia investigation and the ongoing cooperation of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. That would leave us with Mike Pence as President. And like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, Mike Pence is also no fan of social security:

NCPSSM: Mike Pence’s Long History Attacking Social Security & Medicare

As leader of the Republican Study Committee, the House’s far-right wing caucus, during the Bush administration, Pence doubled-down on President George Bush’s failed privatization efforts by calling for an even larger private accounts scheme to be implemented sooner, putting Americans at even greater fiscal risk than the President’s doomed plan. The Washington Times reported in 2005:

Beyond privatization, Pence’s comments make it clear there isn’t a Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefit cut he won’t embrace:

“I think everything has to be on the table…I think it’s absolutely imperative, whether it’s Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.”

“With regard to entitlements we’re going to have to take some deep cuts in domestic spending.” CNN, 2010

If Republicans like Ted Cruz win in November, Social Security will officially be on the chopping block.

Update: GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is now calling for cuts to Social Security, too:

Newsweek: Mitch McConnell Calls for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Cuts After Passing Tax Cuts, Massive Defense Spending

After instituting a $1.5 trillion tax cut and signing off on a $675 billion budget for the Department of Defense, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that the only way to lower the record-high federal deficit would be to cut entitlement programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s not a Republican problem,” McConnell said of the deficit, which grew 17 percent to $779 billion in fiscal year 2018. McConnell explained to Bloomberg that “it’s a bipartisan problem: Unwillingness to address the real drivers of the debt by doing anything to adjust those programs to the demographics of America in the future.” The deficit has increased 77 percent since McConnell became majority leader in 2015.

New Treasury Department analysis on Monday revealed that corporate tax cuts had a significant impact on the deficit this year. Federal revenue rose by 0.04 percent in 2018, a nearly 100 percent decrease last year’s 1.5 percent. In fiscal year 2018, tax receipts on corporate income fell to $205 billion from $297 billion in 2017.

Still, McConnell insisted that the change had nothing to do with a lack of revenue or increased spending and instead was due to entitlement and welfare programs. The debt, he said, was very “disturbing” and driven by “the three big entitlement programs that are very popular, Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.… There’s been a bipartisan reluctance to tackle entitlement changes because of the popularity of those programs. Hopefully, at some point here, we’ll get serious about this.”




12 Replies to “A reminder: Ted Cruz wants to cut Social Security, as does the Republican House and others in the Republican Senate”

  1. What an idiot! I paid into it I should be able to collect instead I will become a homeless person and that would make unable to pay for my meds. Hence … death will become me!

    • Vote against the Republican agenda! Soci al Security and Medicare have been saving the lives of sebiors and workking well for them. It is not a giveaway. We all pay into those programs!

  2. Why don’t they pay back over a trillion dollars of our money they borrowed! ….And don’t forget the interest

  3. So what Cruz is saying, federal income tax is a ponzi scheme.. People pay into it and other people spend it as they choose..

  4. They need to cut Ted Cruz and all that believe SS pay. We have laid into SS so leave it alone. Cut your pay and benefits.

  5. A complete fool, that is not the government’s to use. It is paid into by those who use it.The next thing would be he robs your accounts in the local bank. S.S. and the likes are our money not his or Washington’s

  6. First, it’s not part of the budget, it’s a stand alone program, if they paid back the over trillion dollars they stole it would be where it should be. The stole money to fund other projects. Anyone who thinks this is okay is crook also. The gov took to invest and safeguard people in later years, give back what you took and just leave it alone

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