West Virginia Democrat talks about issues with local paper – West Virginia Republican sends her son to talk to paper

The Register-Herald newspaper in Beckley, West Virginia attempted to talk to the two candidates running to represent West Virginia in the U.S. Congress. The Democrat, Richard Ojeda, spoke to the paper on his thoughts about issues plaguing the people of West Virginia:

Register-Herald: Richard Ojeda talks coal, environment, and health care. For Carol Miller, the closest we got was her son.

“We’ve got some serious problems here, and we need to address those problems, so I’m not going to stand over here and blindly go ‘We’re the best’ when we have health care issues, opioid issues, poverty issues, children going to sleep hungry, showing up at school starving to death every morning.”

To pay for some of his fixes, Ojeda proposes higher taxes for corporations.

“I have no problems putting taxes on these huge corporations that have made vast amounts of money off of the blood, sweat and tears of our people,” he said.

He spoke about the lack of internet in rural areas and its effect on education, and the need for increased infrastructure funding to solve the problem:

“Where we’re from, teachers aren’t even giving the kids homework because they know the kids can’t do research at home because they have no connectivity,” he said

He spoke about the need for better environmental and safety regulations because of how coal mining and pollution has been affecting the health of people in West Virginia:

“I want to see our people working, but you’ve got to protect my environment and protect my water,” he said. “I’m sick and tired of sitting on the side of the road collecting money to bury children. We did two last summer alone. Look, the most important thing that comes out of a coal mine needs to be the coal miner, OK? Protect my water because we drink it. Water equals life.”

He also spoke about his support for wind and solar power, his support for protections for people with pre-existing conditions, his support for a public health insurance option, his idea to have pharmaceutical companies pay for drug addiction treatment, and his support for a means by which non-violent drug offenders could have their records expunged so they could get jobs.

Richard Ojeda is a 24 year military veteran, who besides making his opinion known about the topics above, also spearheaded a fight by the state’s teachers to get better pay, and is pushing for marijuana legalization to add diversification to the state’s economy, an opportunity for the poor to earn some income, and provide a safe alternative to opioids. In addition to his interview with the Register-herald, he also gave an impassioned interview that was posted to Youtube that is definitely worth a watch.

It is well past time for the politicians who are supposed to represent the people of West Virginia to start actually representing the people of West Virginia, and not just the coal industry executives, and Democrat Richard Ojeda wants to lead the way.

His Republican opponent Carol Miller, on th other hand, well, she showed just how much she cares about the people of West Virginia. She couldn’t be bothered to sit down for an interview with the Beckley, West Virginia Register-Herald. She said inclement weather in Washington D.C. prevented her from meeting with the newspaper in person and she refused to do an interview over the phone. She let her son talk to the paper instead, and he wasn’t exactly forthcoming with just what Carol Miller would do to help the people of West Virginia.

Register-Herald: Richard Ojeda talks coal, environment, and health care. For Carol Miller, the closest we got was her son.

“As for a campaign position on something like that [Climate Change], you’d have to ask her,” her son said. “I have no idea.”

“You’d have to ask her about that [a replacement for Obamacare],” he said, adding that “anytime you have competition without forced … entry, prices go down.”

Of course, the newspaper tried to ask his mom about those topics, but she refused to talk to them. Does Republican Carol Miller sound like the kind of person who is interested in truly representing the people of West Virginia?



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