Do you know anyone who isn’t voting? If so, please share with them some reasons why they should vote.

Vote because what makes America great is our Democratic system of government: of the people, by the people, for the people.

Vote because if you don’t vote, you are allowing others to decide your future for you.

Vote because the Republicans don’t want you to vote.

Vote because the reason why they don’t want you to vote is so they can maintain power for their wealthy donors who see you as either an expense if you work for them, or a burden if you don’t work for them.

Vote because government should work for the people, not for wealthy donors.

Vote because everyone should have the ability to get an education, not just those whose parents can afford to pay for it.

Vote because education should not be a means by which banks and corporations can profit off of you.

Vote because everyone should have the ability to have health care coverage.

Vote because health care coverage should be available to entrepreneurs.

Vote because health care coverage should be available to students.

Vote because nobody should have to fear that they will lose health care coverage if they lose a job.

Vote because anyone with a pre-existing condition should not be denied coverage because insurance companies are more concerned with their ability to make a profit.

Vote because we are the wealthiest country in the world, yet our unequal distribution of wealth has led to most of the country seeing none of the benefit of our country’s great wealth.

Vote because we spend more than every other country on a military budget that goes to private defense contractor corporations whose executives make billions, yet we are the only developed country in the world without universal health care.

Vote because the federal minimum wage has not been increased in almost a decade.

Vote because income taxes and corporate taxes keep getting cut for the rich, while sales taxes and property taxes keep getting increased for the poor and middle class.

Vote because Republicans are blaming our budget deficit on Social Security and Medicare instead of their tax cuts for the rich, wars, and military spending.

Vote because we are being divided, so the rich can conquer.

Vote because the rich are conquering us by making us pay more for health care and pay more for education, while our wages stay stagnant.

Vote because your tax dollars are going right into the pockets of corporations in the form of TIF grants and nonrefundable credits and subsidies, instead of paying for schools, infrastructure or health care.

Vote because our unions are being decimated so that we cannot negotiate higher wages.

Vote because our roads are crumbling and our bridges are falling into disrepair because our budget has been busted by tax cuts for the rich and out of control military spending and corporate welfare.

Vote because our teachers are being attacked and scapegoated and shortchanged.

Vote because clean, renewable energy is the future, but Republican politicians fight these industries at every turn because these Republican politicians seek campaign funding from oil and gas companies.

Vote because climate change is real, and we need to move to clean, renewable energy now.

Vote because our pharmaceutical companies are reaping enormous profits by price gouging the American people.

Vote because large corporations have been given free rein to crowd out small businesses, and these large corporations show no regard for the communities they move into, with their executives living in far away cities.

Vote because the Republican party fights for these large corporations at every turn, whether they are big banks endangering our financial markets, chemical companies holding sway over our farming communities, mining companies extracting wealth while allowing their employees to get sick and die, oil and gas companies polluting our environment, pharmaceutical companies bribing doctors and facilitating an opioid epidemic, or retail companies crowding out competition from small businesses.

Vote because the Republican party is purging voters from the rolls, coming up with laws that can declare voting registrations invalid for trivial inconsistencies like an apartment number mismatch, removing voting sites from areas where the opponent’s party is more likely to vote, setting voter registration deadlines far in advance of the actual election, limiting early voting, requiring IDs for people who have voted for decades without one, gerrymandering districts to pack the opponent’s voters all together in order to ensure their votes don’t count as much, and coming up with arcane registration rules like requiring street addresses for native Americans who only have a P.O. Box.

Vote because those who came before you fought for their right to vote, and the fight is still happening.

Vote because the Republican party would rather protect the profits of gun manufacturers than pass a series of sensible regulations approved by the vast majority of the public such as universal background checks, waiting periods, restrictions against gun ownership for domestic abusers, magazine restrictions, and assault weapon bans.

Vote because the President of the United States is using fear and hatred and bigotry to divide the country.

Vote because the President of the United States is following a fascist playbook of appealing to nationalism, militarism, racism, sexism, disdain for human rights, pulling out of international alliances, and scapegoating of oppressed minorities.

Vote because we are not red or blue, we are all citizens. We don’t have to be enemies. We can all agree on ways to move this country forward without this incessant tribalism and division, and the best way to move past the tribalism and division is to firmly reject it by rejecting the demagogue President who is holding rallies across the country where he foments division, casting one side as evil, while sowing fear and hatred of fellow Americans.

Vote because we can be so much better than all this.

Vote because we are America, and we want our country back.

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