Republicans Senators tweet thoughts and prayers after another mass shooting

As has become custom, Republican Senators took to twitter after yet another mass shooting to offer thoughts and prayers for the victims, without so much as a word about guns:

Here are some numbers on how much these Republicans have received from the NRA:

Joni Ernst, R-IA, Senate, $3,124,273

Rob Portman, R-OH, Senate, $3,061,941

Source: (Guns & money: How all members of Congress are affected by the NRA’s spending)

Meanwhile, Democrats aren’t afraid of the NRA, and agree with most Americans that thoughts and prayers are not enough. Congress must act to address gun violence.

Earlier this year, 68 percent of Americans indicated they supported stricter gun laws. Expanded background checks are supported by 88% of the public. Preventing sales of guns to those reported as a danger by a mental health professional (supported by 89%), to those convicted of a violent misdemeanor (84%), and to those under the age of 21 (81%) all enjoy massive popular support. Requiring a 3 day waiting period is supported by 78%. Banning bump stocks is supported by 77%. Banning high capacity magazines is supported by 70%. Banning assault weapons is supported by 68% of the public. All of these proposed laws are supported by a majority of Americans, and in many cases a majority of Republican voters. None of these laws have been passed despite years of efforts because they are continually blocked by Republican politicians.

Enough is enough. Thoughts and prayers isn’t working.


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