Sarah Sanders tweets doctored video to support revocation of CNN reporter’s press pass

In a stunning new low for even the Trump White House, in order to bolster the White House’s case for revoking CNN’s Jim Acosta’s press pass, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted out a doctored video of an exchange between Jim Acosta and a White House staffer after the staffer tried to grab the microphone from him while he was asking a question:

The video tweeted by Sarah Sanders makes it appear as if Jim Acosta almost karate chopped the staffer’s arm. However, that was not what appeared to take place in the actual source video:

As was mentioned in the second tweet, the video that was shared by Sarah Sanders appears to be from the web site Infowars, a site that has been banned from multiple platforms for encouraging baseless and sometimes dangerous conspiracy theories, including spreading the disgusting conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook mass shooting in Newtown, CT was faked. The video appears to have been purposefully slowed down, then sped back up when Jim Acosta’s arm came down, in order to make it look worse than it actually was. While this might all seem silly, analyzing the speed of Jim Acosta’s arm movement, it is not silly at all just how willing the Trump administration is to lie about almost everything. It is also not silly at all how Donald Trump treats the press. Here is the full exchange:

The Trump administration is literally sharing falsified evidence to wrongfully suggest that a private citizen committed a crime in order to limit the rights of a free press.

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